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The US department of energy estimates that 500m motors in the US alone waste 80% of the energy they consume.

Technology - Overview

Synchropulse Brushless hybrid EC Motor Designs

Synchropulse energy saving motors are electronically commutated (EC), brushless, permanent magnet motors. Synchropulse motors offer:

Synchropulse motors suit applications such as ventilation, refrigeration or machines where high efficiency, speed control and cost are important. Motors can be operated from AC mains supply, or from DC.

Synchropulse's patented motor technologies deliver class leading efficiency without the typical drawbacks of cost or complexity. Our designs utilise an innovative patented approach to the magnetic engineering inside the motors. The result is motors that deliver big energy savings and performance advantages,whilst being realistic and convenient alternatives to traditional induction motors and brushed motors.

Synchropulse technology is easy to adopt:


Electronic Variable Speed Controllers

Synchropulsemotors are brushless and electronically controlled. The electronics and software maximise operating efficiencies and deliver a host of additional control features in a cost-effective way. Controllers can be customised so you only get the features you want.

Additional features are available in the following areas:

The electronics can be fully integrated into our motors – offering a full drive system in one easy to fit unit.

In addition, controllers support software to allow enhanced control, diagnosticand interface capabilities.

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