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The US department of energy estimates that 500m motors in the US alone waste 80% of the energy they consume.

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Synchropulse motors offer market leading efficiencies.

Synchropulse's energy saving motors are a competitive and cost effective solution and they will often pay for themselves within a year.

Our motorsdeliver energy savings in the followingways:

The US department of energy estimates that 500m motors in the US alone waste 80% of the energy they consume.

The Synchropulse motors are designed to address this and are direct plug and play replacements for the ubiquitous shaded pole and small induction motors below 3kW rating.

Variable Speed

If motors are running just 20% faster than they need to they are likely to waste 50% energy

Synchropulse motors can be controlled so as to only deliver the exact power required at any point in time. A variety of inputs e.g. from sensors or software programmes can be used to do this

Unlike some variable speed control systems, Synchropulse motors maintain high efficiencies across a wide range of speeds.


We understand that price is animportant factor when buying motors, yet cheap motors tend to be very inefficient.

Synchropulse motors deliver class leading efficiency with a highly economical design, offering a cost effective, energy saving alternative suitable for many applications. Synchropulse motors can pay for themselves within 1 year. And deliver an outstanding return on investment, driven by reduced operating costs.

Furthermore, Synchropulse motors are easy to integrate into existing equipment which delivers a significant cost saving when adopting this energy saving technology.

Integrated control
Synchropulse motors have electronic controllers integrated inside the motor.

Longer life
Synchropulse motors run cool because of their high efficiency. This results in less thermal cycling and longer life compared to less efficient motors.

Maintenance free
Synchropulse motors are brushless with fully enclosed, integrated electronics requiring zero maintenance.

Plug and play – easy install
Synchropulse motors are electronically controlled and variable speed, but designed as plug and play replacements for simple less efficient induction or universal motors.

High torque
Synchropulse motors have high start torque. This makes them highly versatile, suitable for pumps and higher load applications as well as fans.

Synchropulse motors are simple, with enclosed, integrated controllers and are very robust. Ideal as replacements for induction motors.

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