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The US department of energy estimates that 500m motors in the US alone waste 80% of the energy they consume.


Synchropulse's mission is to offer energy saving, high performance electric motors suitable for mainstream markets, where efficiencies are notoriously low.

Over 60% of the world’s electricity is used by electric motors, they are found everywhere from factories to fridges. These electric motors account for over 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, and yet most of them are shockingly inefficient wasting up to 80% of the electricity used to power them. Synchropulse has spent over 10 years developing its unique high efficiency motor and controller designs to tackle this problem.

Energy Saving Benefits

Synchropulse motors can deliver energy savings of 80% or more, saving customers money and reducing carbon emissions. They are not only highly efficient but are affordable and convenient to deploy, offering a viable efficiency solution for mainstream markets.

The vision was to come up with a new concept of motor that was efficient, affordable and easy to integrate into equipment, and this unique design has now been patented. Synchropulse technology is extremely versatile and has advantages in a range of applications, including fans, pumps, machines and power tools.

The super efficient motor is particularly suited to appliances which run all the time because the cost of retrofitting or buying the motors is quickly recouped – often in months. With Synchropulse saving up to 80% of the electricity used by a conventional motor, the potential energy and carbon savings are huge. In addition, the motors deliver high power to weight and high starting torque, making them excellent for power tools and high load applications.

Synchropulse motors are easy to incorporate into equipment, often directly replacing existing less efficient motors and so are an excellent solution for OEM applications such as include ventilation, refrigeration, heating, air-conditioning, machines, power tools and vehicles.

Synchropulse maintains an ongoing collaboration with a number of academic institutions to further the development of it’s energy saving motor technology. 

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